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From our busy offices near Oxford we cater for the following:

UK and Overseas placements

Maternity Nurses, Nannies, Parental Help, Housekeepers, Babysitters

Temporary and Permanent

Live-in and Daily
In August 1989 Rockinghorse was established to look after its nannies as keenly as its clients. Our aim at Rockinghorse is to offer nannies and clients the best possible service. Rockinghorse is a business that relies on its good reputation. Whether you need help finding the right family, or advice in general, we are here to help and listen.

Rockinghorse operates as an introductory agency between our nannies and our clients. The bottom line requirement of an agency is that it must be thorough, checking out your needs, training and/or experience, as well as finding out as much as possible about the family and whether their home is a place where you will feel happy and settled. That way you will not waste your time chasing unsuitable jobs.

As well as matching practical needs, it is important that nanny and employer have compatible personalities. There are few agencies that "care" for both its nannies and clients, and there seems to be little realisation that the relationship between client and nanny is of paramount importance - most of all to the children. Rockinghorse is an agency that is sympathetic to the requirements of nannies and clients as individuals and is prepared to offer ongoing support.

Searching for any post can be a daunting prospect. To help you find your ideal post, Rockinghorse offers on registration a weekly job sheet (also viewable on this site), listing all the latest vacancies registered and details of nannies recently placed who are in need of contact. Rockinghorse is hoping to include some organised social events, which have been very successful in the past. We are of course always happy to explore any suggestions you might have yourself!

Contact us on 01993 810126, fax us on 01993 815868, or e-mail us

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